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Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Market as lot of options and its being a global market, competition is of highest mark. Recently in last few years, lot of internet sites emerged and buyer compare products across multiple sites and in local markets. Some global sites shipping products outside India and its gradually pushing local Indian manufacturers and small industries to edge to improve on competition.

Some Indian manufacturers took this challenge and improved on quality which is unique for Indian market but still pricing is little high to other global manufacturers due to mass production.

I feel sometime price shall not be the only factor for buyers, buyers shall see the local market, impact of being global, quality and options. few of my observations of buying local products:

Products made locally are more fitted and according to the need to local buyers.

Local products got lot more variations and options as its made in smaller quantity rather was production. Some cases mass production is also fitted better for local product if its unique.

Local products improve life around buyers areas in long term. it improve the condition directly not to be routed thru govt. benefits.

In my view, we shall give local manufacturers a chance not to kill them by competition and not loss our heritage skills unique to India. We have seen around the world how big companies killed smaller competition and later gained advantages. there are many examples in Indian market too after 1991 financial reforms.

Buy Indian products to help India moving faster to its goals.

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