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Small is better in tailor fit conditions !

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

When it comes to design, there are 2 options, readymade and tailored fit; but there is third option.

The third option is to buy from local businesses making smaller lots with lot of design options and also can be fitted to size everyone.

I remember my childhood when we used to go to tailor and get custom fitted shirts and pants for all occasions, being school dress or birthday. Now industry changed and you can see lot of people buying T-shits and around the corner same T-shirt is seen on others. Since tailor made option is becoming costlier, peopled moved to buying mass produced products, less costly, faster delivery and easy option.

the third option is about buying from local small retails or manufactures making products in small quantity but also having and option to customize to fit. this option takes care of tailor fitted advantage while reducing some cons of mass production.

I hope with this small blog, I am able elaborate the need to buy local around your area to balance your custom fit while easy and ready to buy.

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